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Well behaved dogs are permitted on leads in all areas, but please be mindful of other pub goers who may not be quite as keen on your 'best friend' as you are, and please do not bring them in if they are very wet and a little 'fragrant'!
There are numerous board games, card games, counter games etc available to all. Please help us to keep them complete and always pick up any dropped pieces and return them to their boxes. Please leave as you find, thank you.

Are dogs permitted?

Are there any games?

Background music and TV

Here at The Tuns you will be free of any background music, TV chatter or noisy fruit machines.

Where can I park?

Regrettably there is no parking in the pub yard as it is a 'working' yard, but there is plenty of parking around town, including on the street outside the pub. There is really just one 'unwritten rule' on parking in Bishops Castle and that is NOT TO BLOCK THE ROAD!
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